Welcome from the President of ASEMER

Dear friend,

The Association of the Spanish Companies in Romania, ASEMER was founded in September 2013.

From long time, we considered that it was necessary to have a platform to defend the interests of all Spanish companies and professionals operating in Romania, similar to other existing platforms that successfully represent the interests of several companies in other states, and that could make the voice of their members heard in the Romanian society and before the Romanian and Spanish authorities.

ASEMER has among its main objectives the promotion, developing and encouraging the economic relations between Spanish companies and/or entrepreneurs and Romanian companies and organizations. ASEMER provides both the Spanish and Romanian companies the opportunity to promote themselves, to enhance and develop the economic relations among the companies and professionals from both countries.

We would like that, from  the very beginning, ASEMER be considered an honest and loyal partner of the Romanian Society and, in general, of the Romanian authorities and especially of the Romanian companies, contributing as much as possible to the development and modernization of this country. We intend to perform our activity maintaing the principle of fairness and impartiality, sharing experiences, learning from the working experience and also from the errors committed in this country, a country that shares with Spain a common space – that of the European Union, a country that shares with Spain a culture and, partially, a way of being and perceiving life.

On this website you will find a set of information related to who we are, what we are doing and what we intend to develop. Do not hesitate to send us any idea, proposal of even the critical aspects you may consider.

It is the beginning of a new experience, an adventure you are invited to join in.

Kind regards,


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