Types of Shareholders

Founding Members

Founding Members are those who founded the Association and have been instrumental in the formation of the initial social heritage. Founding Members have the same rights and obligations as the holders, except that given by the law in their capacity as founding members.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members may be those who, in consideration of the services rendered to the Association or by donations ​​or certain merits or special conditions, are appointed by the Assembly, proposed by the Board or by a 20% of the voting members. The proposal of appointing an Honorary Member shall be included in the Order of the day of the Board and shall be approved by the majority indicated at art. 131.

Art. 131. The proposed amendment to the Bylaws shall be sent to all members together with the convening of the General Assembly of Members for its approval. The amendment of the Bylaws within the General Assembly of Members, require the favourable vote of at least two-thirds of the holder members, present or represented members. The amendment shall take effect when published in the Register of Associations and Foundations.

The Honorary Members should not meet the requirements established at art. 19 and 20.

Art. 19. Any natural or legal person performing professional activities in Romania, being duly registered in Romania according to the legally recognized status and being part of one of the following categories, may be member of the Association and shall be hereinafter called “member” or “partner”:

  1. a) Romanian Companies incorporated under the laws of Romania, with Spanish capital or Spanish Shareholders, Spanish administrators or executives.
  2. b) Spanish Companies performing activities in Romania through a subsidiary or branch.
    c) Spanish citizens who perform their activity as Registered Sole Traders (PFA) in Romania, incorporated under the laws of Romania.
    d) Romanian Companies incorporated under the laws of Romania, interested in establishing links with companies and/or Spanish institutions.
    20. Similarly, applicants who can demonstrate, at the discretion of the Board, conducting serious and stable economic activities with Romanian and/or Spanish companies or institutions may join the Association.

Membership in this category is mere honourable and, therefore, does not imply the recognition of rights or impose obligations.

Honorary Members wishing to join any of the other categories should apply in writing to the Board, hence adapting to the conditions established by this Bylaws for each of these categories, and in this case they will have the same rights and obligations as the members the category to which they belong to.

Holder Members

Entities that meet the requirements set out in Chapter IV “Admission Form” of this Bylaws may be Holder Members in the Association. Holder Members may only be represented by an individual.

Loss of the member status

The members will lose their status in the following cases: resignation, expulsion and death.

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