ASEMER is financed or shall be financed from the following sources of income:

  • Registration fees and monthly (or annual) contributions to be determined by the Board and special contributions to be decided by the General Assembly
  • Interests and dividends from investments, according to law;
  • Dividends from companies regulated by Law 31/1990, as amended, established by the Association.
  • Revenues from direct economic activities, the benefits produced raffles, festivals and any other input that has a legal source.
  • Donations, sponsorships and legacies;
  • The resources obtained from the state budget and local budgets;
  • The assets and rights they hold upon its constitution, and those further acquired. Grants and contributions received, and any other resources obtained in accordance with the law.
  • The resources obtained through the exercise of business activities undertaken by any institution, society or chamber that the Association may constitute or could take part in the future.
  • Other revenues provided by law.

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